Social profit marketing: what it is and how it works

Social profit marketing is a sales and economic growth program linked to tokens and tech products.

The program was created by Ushare, and its users join a community where, starting from scratch, they can start to earn a living.

To understand social profit marketing it is important to start with its reliability. In fact, it is a 100% legal multi-level marketing system. 

Ushare is the platform that allows you to make a life choice and become a professional sharer.

  1. How to earn with Ushare

Ushare is a social platform where positive sales results are shared bringing greater benefits to everyone. You can work in two ways with this website.

The first is with the buying and the selling of tokens. 

The second earning method is through affiliation. Thanks to the excellent referral program, you can earn money across your entire network and constantly increase your online income.

Ushare is also a professional experience in the world of online sales, with a method that uses the potential of communities and shared earnings.

The Social Profit Marketing System allows you to choose independently on your personal, professional and economic situation, to start a merit-based career based on sharing social experiences.

The gain is linked to the commitment of any single sharer, the goals he/she wants to reach and starts with a training program that allows you to reflect and set personal, professional and financial growth.

  1. How to get started with Ushare

The Ushare model is based on the rules of network marketing, the payment is therefore officially formed by the commissions created by the sale of tokens and their use.

To start with Ushare, here is what you need to do:

  • List your top 100 names (family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances you have met during your life and that are most dear to your);
  • Contact them by phone to make an appointment;
  • Contact the people you like to share this opportunity with and invite them to join the Webinar with the promise to hear from you by phone as soon as it is finished;
  • Invite your contacts to participate in Uevent;
  • Make them understand the advantages of Ushare thanks to the introductory interview: illustrate what are the advantages of joining the community;
  • Stop and train: Training B is a moment of information and training for your growth in the community where you can compare and exchange experiences;
  • Become a trainer in Utraining, it is a great possibility that you can pass on to the participants of the Utraining;